~ T h e  C u s t o m  S e r i e s ~

We're skipping the middle man. Order a board and we ship it straight from shop to doorstep.  We are a brand new company and want to get you set up with a wakeboard specifically made to whatever type of rider you are.  We take our innovating ideas, along with the newest and most advanced materials, and put our craftsmanship to work so you receive a truly remarkable product.


  1. Fill out and submit the form below

  2. We will contact you back with a bottom graphic color mode

  3. Checkout in our "SHOP" under "Custom Series"

  4. Your wakeboard will arrive on your doorstep in about 2 weeks.

100% Satisfaction.

  • One month to demo/return your board for a full refund if you are unsatisfied

  • LIFETIME "if we can fix it, we shall" guarantee. You'd be surprised what is repairable after a year of shredding gnar.

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Design your own size, shape, color mode, and name for your top sheet

With our checkerboard carbon as the backdrop

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Choose ANY two colors for your bottom sheet

(These are just examples). MILLIONS of different color modes.

Name *
Example: 139cm
Wakeboard Type *
These are our three standard models that have different flex patterns and core thicknesses. Boat=very stiff. Hybrid=Mid (so you can pop off the wake and press good in the park) and Cable=flexy. Feel free to describe exactly what you want in the next category of this form.
Any description of your preferred flex (e.g. Very Stiff, Very Flexible, Stiff in middle, etc.
Rocker Type *
Nose/Tail Shape *
Indestructible Polyurethane Sidewalls
Bottom Base Design *
"Freeride, Park, and Boat" are just the preferred styles. OF COURSE YOU CAN RIDE A FLAT BOTTOM DESIGN BEHIND A BOAT.
ANY two colors you'd like.
Choose color of top logo and Brand/Your name
Name on top?? *
YOUR own name on top of the wakeboard?
We provide a 5 pack of inserts in each wakeboard so you will have PLENTY of stance options. IF you have a preferred stance width (e.g. Super narrow or Super wide) please let us know and we can discuss how to properly measure to get you the perfect stance width.
Fin Holes? (optional) *
If you ride with fins or plan on it, click YES. Our fin holes are standard to fit almost every fin. Three holes with each hole 1.5 inches apart
any information, notes, or questions you may have