A sensation given by an object or material
When you obtain something. And right away you get that feeling. That its a special kind of product.  You can feel that initial connection. Between you and the object. You can feel why it was created. You can feel its purpose.   

Our boards are quite simple, yet dynamic. We have put so much thought into what we've got and we know you will enjoy them. 

~ T h e   I n s i d e s ~

We take zero shortcuts when it comes to what's being put inside our boards. And with everything in life, you get what you pay for.  If you're looking for a low end wakeboard, we apologize that we cannot provide you with that.  Below is an exact rundown of our wakeboards.

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Das Inserts

Each and every wakeboard  has a 5 pack of M6 Inserts that are reinforced with fiberglass to insure lifelong durability and provide a variety of stance width options.  

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Das Core

Vertically Laminated Paulownia Wood is the strongest, most lively, and lightest core possible. Also, our Impact Sidewalls are Thor proof. (Here you see our "square" and our "Octangle" nose and tail shape

Photo Mar 04, 10 45 04 AM.jpg

Das Materials

Non-Traditional, new and advanced materials that optimize how a board performs.  

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Das Base Sheet

ANY color combination possible. Our PBT sublimated graphic glides like an eagle with a tailwind and can take a beating in the park like Mcgregor in a boxing ring