WHAT WE DO IS CREATE.  Initial ideas, to our finished products.  We take all of our research and knowledge with composites, and apply it to create products that are very unique, built to perform at the highest level. 

We have the ability to make a type of wakeboard that's never been seen before.  We use the newest and rarest materials, implementing certain types of design techniques that you just cant produce with machines and technology.  Everything we do is based on optimizing a boards capability and performance, and youll just have to see for yourself

What makes us an outlier:

  • The usage and experience with some of the highest grade materials possible (and it isn't Tri-axle fiberglass guys)

  • The capability of working with YOU, so you can get something exactly how you want it.

  • ALWAYS having that fun, creative, constantly looking for a change mindset

Whether it's wakeboards or any other product we choose to create, you will find and notice every single one of these aspects within it.