About US


Born and raised on Lake St. Clair, Michigan.  We most likely dedicated 8 days a week on the water and wakeboarding was always the top priority.  It was only a matter of time before we decided to take this sport and industry to the next level.


Just like EVERY GREAT COMPANY, it starts in a garage.  These are very rare photos of some of our first prototypes.  Yes that's tin foil, why??? Because it was "non-stick" and yes it actually worked.  We were ACTUALLY proud when we made these.  We started with what you see below and dedicated our lives to create a whole new generation of wakeboard.

Once we set our goal to make wakeboards and start a company it became easy.  NOT EASY WHAT SO FU*KING EVER, but with that mindset it lets you see opportunity wherever you go.  We got employed at WAHOO Composites and earned YEARS of experience working with carbon fiber and composites and put everything we learned into No Respect Inc.  Knowledge from what direction of fabric gives you the best torsional rigidity, to using the right kind of sealing tape.  With our research and dedication, our brains can come up with some of the most innovative ways to make wakeboards and other products you will ever see.